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  1. Creative Work: webinar series in partnership with SAM and VANS

    Creative Work webinar

    Throughout June and July, the Artists’ Legal Information Society (ALIS) was pleased to partner with Strategic Arts Management (SAM) and Visual Arts Nova Scotia (VANS) to present Creative Work, a three-part professional development webinar series for artists. Each one-hour session, hosted in-kind at the offices of Stewart McKelvey, encouraged viewers to interact with each other […]

  2. Introducing our Summer Student: Alix Digout

    Alix - Photo

    This summer, ALIS was lucky enough to be selected to be a participant organization in BOYNECLARKE LLP’s summer student program. During the summer, one of BOYNECLARKE LLP’s second year law students will spend her time working with ALIS. ALIS was doubly lucky as the student assigned to us is Alix – already a prior ALIS […]

  3. The Legal Ramification of Covering Songs by Marina Bruggerman

     The Legal Ramification of Covering Songs by ALIS volunteer: Marina Bruggerman From the small town band, to tribute bands, to the most popular pop ensemble of the day, almost every musical group has played a song or two that was written by another artist. Covering songs has become a staple of our music industry. Some […]

  4. December Newsletter and our invitation to join us for a special event in January


    Hello everyone! You can read our December newsletter by clicking here. Also, we’d like to invite you to come to our conference launch event on January 16 at 5pm at the Stubborn Goat. you can view or download the invitation here:  Invite for WIFT and ALIS Don’t forget about our Mixed Media Monthly talk on […]

  5. Our November Newsletter

    We’re happy to present our November newsletter – with new content from Greg Melchin. Don’t forget about our next Mixed Media Monthly session on Thursday, November 20 with author Pam Callow and legal reporter Julie Sobowale. Click below to read our newsletter. ALIS_Newsletter_Vol1_Issue4_November 2014

  6. Our October Newsletter


    Please click on the PDF link below to read our October newsletter! Hope to see you at our November Speaker Series. ALIS October 2014 Newsletter

  7. Music Sampling: A Quick Introduction by Greg Melchin

    Music Sampling: A Quick Introduction By Greg Melchin Sampling has been a big part of music since the 1980s. Lots of artists do it, from hip-hop and R&B to EDM to random mash-ups, and most of the time it’s not worth anybody’s time to try and stop it. But what does copyright law  actually say […]

  8. Nocturne: Art at Night. Find us there!


    This year, ALIS will be partnering with P’Lovers Environmental Store and Humani-T  cafe and will be participating in Nocturne on October 18, 2014. Come find us at P’Lovers on South Park Street in Halifax. We’ll be serving up delicious hot beverages, provided by Humani-T. Join ALIS for a hot beverage on a cool evening, and […]

  9. ALIS in PEI – three sessions in less than twenty-four hours.

    Alayna And I just got back from a whirlwind weekend in PEI. ALIS had been invited to come by CulturePEI. They wanted us to hold three sessions: one specifically for videographers/photographers, one for their business incubator group, and one general contracts/copyright talk. We always love going to PEI because the people who attend our sessions […]