Nocturne: Art at Night. Find us there!


This year, ALIS will be partnering with P’Lovers Environmental Store and Humani-T  cafe and will be participating in Nocturne on October 18, 2014. Come find us at P’Lovers on South Park Street in Halifax. We’ll be serving up delicious hot beverages, provided by Humani-T.

Join ALIS for a hot beverage on a cool evening, and learn how ALIS can help emerging artists make sense of Copyright, Contracts, and more!
We can help you navigate your legal issues.

Date: Saturday October 18, 2014       6pm – Midnight

Location: 1443 South Park Street, P’lovers Environmental Store (Nocturne Zone 3, ALIS is number 310)

You can find out more about our project in the Nocturne Online Guide:


ALIS is a Nocturne Community Partner and is sponsored by P’lovers Environmental Store and Humani -T Cafe.